U.S.S. Sagamore Photo Gallery

USS Sagamore  ATA-208

Picture obtained from 
  United States Navy Memorial Foundation  
Email: ahoy@lonesailor.org


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Me on the fantail.    Me at one of my favorite  
   spots on the ship.


Me on the fantail.    Me on the fantail again.
   You can see our tow just  
   over my left shoulder.


Tippens BM3    Boatswains Mate Third Class Tippins 
   He thoroughly instructed me on how to  
   chip and paint.  Taken on the Foc'sl.


Liberty Call!    The Good Ole Liberty Pass!  


porpous at the bow    A porpous swimming with us, taken from the bow.  
   The Captain had me releived from the helm to come  
   down and take this shot. I don't know why he did that  
   but it sure was nice of him.


Leaving Charleston    Passing under the Charleston bridge  
   after picking up our tow.


U.S.S. Sagamore ATA-208    The Sagamore at work. 


ata2b.jpg (18152 bytes)    Photo provided by 
   Jim Bessing.


Starboard view.    Photo provided by Jim Bessing.

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